Managing Conflict by Managing Ourselves


Just look at the word for a moment or two. No doubt there are images in your mind evoking emotional responses. Drama is the most insidious form of conflict. Drama is born from the unhealthy marriage of bitterness and gossip. There is nothing productive to be done with it other than to pluck it out by the root and banish it along with it’s creator if necessary.

Now, go to your mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and read that last paragraph to yourself out loud. Read it repeatedly until you feel a new emotion welling up inside of you, disgust. Disgust toward any drama you’ve created in your home or workplace or witnessed and turned your face from rather than deal with it.

Finally, set your mind to one task above all others today. Decide that you will let no drama survive the day. Believe that whatever it costs to lose the drama (including losing the services of the creator of the drama) costs less than keeping it and them and actually increases the value of your leadership to your company or organization. Be most harsh with yourself. Let drama see the fire in your eyes whenever it raises it’s ugly misshapen head!

Were you successful? What happened to the drama causer(s)? Was it you? Tell me how it went. Leave a comment. Let’s talk about it.


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