I Am Coptic

This week came the news of twenty-one Coptic Christians who were beheaded by ISIL militants on the shore of Tripoli, Libya. This is an atrocity no matter who it was perpetrated upon or by whom, but it brings up particular questions for Christians worldwide. One of the biggest questions is, what do we do? The […]

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SPECIAL: Better Together

This blog is me, not about me, but me operating within my calling. Without this woman in my life not only would this humble site not be possible, I’m convinced this calling would manifest in radically different ways, if at all. She supports me, challenges me, advises me, and sometimes (like this past week) stands […]

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Following God’s Calling

This is a guest post by my wonderful wife, Alicia Ploof, she is currently a coordinator in the kids ministry, Freedom Kids, at our remarkable church, Freedom Church. She is an amazing servant of God in our home and in our church. Every week she leads a team that makes sure children from babies through […]

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