Follow up: Free Will = God’s Will

For a little bit of discussion of the different categories of God’s will please refer back to the following link.

I’m going to acknowledge upfront that I may be way out in left field here. I have no scholarly backing for the hypothesis I’m about to advance.

In the beginning there was nothing, nothing but God. He was the only freely acting agent because He was all there was. Then He created things, all the things except for two, and still He was the only being with a will of His own (I’m intentionally leaving out the angels here to keep it simple). At some point He chose to create man “in His image“. Before this not only was His the only will, but His was irresistible and absolute, perfect, but in order to imprint His image onto man He would have to impart free moral agency. He would have to give something up.

He has loaned us a will, a will that was his alone. We are free moral agents but not independent agents. We are His. This does mean that, although he may not be as responsible for the evil we do as if He directly did it Himself, He does bear an uncomfortable (for me) amount of responsibility. On the other hand, the willingness of a sovereign God to give away the ability to choose, especially the ability to Choose, or crucially, not choose Him, that is the definition of love.

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