Who Needs Evil? Certainly Not God. (QCCA #2)

The question uses some words that we ought to be really clear on.

All-powerful: Can God do anything He wants? I mean anything at all? Even logically impossible things? Can he create a one ended stick, a square circle, a rock so big He can’t pick it up?

    If He can then this God is, at best, completely incoherent and unknowable and at worst, His incoherence would have to spill over to the universe He created. In that case not only could I not answer this question but the question itself has no meaning, if it exists at all! On the other hand, if God can’t do illogical things (He can’t and that doesn’t diminish His power or sovereignty one bit, a separate post on that later *stay tuned*) then He can’t create an all/ only good universe, at least not with free moral agents inhabiting any part of it. He did the closest thing He could in Eden. He made a world that had not yet been corrupted by evil but did contain the potential for corruption.

Good and Evil: These are descriptive words which indicate measurements of morality.

     Mother Teresa was good, Hitler was evil, and the rest of us fall somewhere in-between, right? The really unique thing about the Gospel is that it assumes, because of original sin, that we’re all on the evil end of the scale and only God is on the good end.

So I find myself essentially disputing the assumptions in the original question as an answer to the question.

Assumption #1: The Omnipotence of God allows Him to do logically impossible things

Assumption #2: Humans can appreciate objective good in any meaningful way in a fallen broken world apart from God.

These both draw on facts not in evidence.

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