Why Did God Do Such A Bad Job? (QCCA #3)

Question #3 If God were all-perfect and all-powerful, why would he do such a poor job and create such an imperfect world with it’s deadly earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, etc.

As always we must start by defining our terms. In this case the two most relevant are the terms “all-perfect” and “all-powerful”. Perhaps it does not to Mr. Simons, but to me the words all-perfect bring to mind thoughts of God’s holiness, that incomprehensible quality of blemishlessness. We struggle as beings that do not possess this holiness for ourselves to describe it in affirmative terms. We find it much easier to explain what holiness is not. One thing it certainly does not do is a poor job at anything.
Next comes “all-powerful”, and this one is one we’ve teased at in the past. To be all-powerful (a.k.a omnipotent) would seem to suggest, it certainly seems in context to suggest to Mr. Simons, that you could do literally anything, but could you? Could you make a square circle or a married bachelor? In other words could you cause mutually exclusive things to exist simultaneously? As I’ve said before, if the answer to this question is yes then you need read no further, your idea of omnipotence is incoherent and I will not be able to address you because I will be coherent and so will the God I speak of. These things being impossible for God does not diminish his power or sovereignty because their impossibility is based on their existence only as examples of what the concept really means.
So we see right away the gaping flaws inherent in the question right away. Yet there is a nugget of a real question there. The real question as I understand it is basically “Why does God allow bad things to happen, especially bad things that seem to occur naturally if He’s so great?” This is a thorny question indeed and one I, frankly, hesitate to answer. For one, if the reason it’s being asked is emotionally linked the answer I’ll give here will not be seen as satisfactory and second even saying it in those situations makes you a colossal jerk.
Ready for it? The answer is another question: Why shouldn’t these things happen? According to the Bible God created a world where these natural disasters would not take place and it
was the sin of man that set things off course. If God is holy and omnipotent the real question is why don’t worse things happen and more often? According to the biblical worldview we are hopelessly depraved creatures apart from God. We do whatever is advantageous to us at almost every juncture and untempered judgement from God would mean immediate destruction. Every breath is literally a gift in this scheme. What is on display in natural and man made disasters is the destruction brought on by sin, not the imperfection of God’s design.


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