Why Make Us SO Imperfectly? (QCCA #4)

     #4 If God is all-perfect, how could he, and why would he create such extremely imperfect human beings to occupy this world.

     So, here’s the thing about this question, on the surface it seems super easy. Almost like an afterthought. But there are some real thorns in there, they don’t make it impossible to answer, as Mr. Simons would have you believe, but it can be complicated mainly due to definitions. The key word here is perfect and how it’s applied to people and God.
     Whereas in previous responses I have simply laid out my understanding of christian definitions of words in question and explained the answer to the question in light of those definitions, in this case I suspect we might differ more on those definitions than we might have others in the past. This time I’m going to try something a little different. I’m going to let my own question be the answer along with a little explanatory commentary. Because, regardless of whether human perfection could ever be identical to God’s perfection, isn’t it possible that the state in which we were created was perfect for the purposes God had for us? And although I could make a case for what that purpose is, if you’re already assuming a perfect God it’s not a reach to assume a perfect purpose, right?
     So, I guess in the end this ends up being as much open letter to Mr. Simons as it is response to the specific question.
     If you’re willing, Sir, come here in the comments, or better yet post on your site Real Truth Online and address the question in my response. Let’s have a  frank conversation and put this one to bed. I look forward to it.


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