Why Not Destroy Satan? (QCCA #16)

This article is just one in a long series addressing questions posed by agnostic blogger Larry Simons in his article entitled, 31 Questions Christians Can’t Answer. For the rest of series click here. Enjoy!

  1. Why can’t God just wave his hand and destroy the devil?

The answer to this question comes down to two words, can’t He? Couldn’t God destroy Satan without even a wave of His hand if he wanted? We’ll get to the question of whether or not Satan is God’s “agent” in a future post, but some elements of that discussion that we can go ahead and get out of the way now are these, God created Satan, God knew what would become of Him, there are places in scripture where we’re told that Satan’s actions toward man are approved of and limited by God, and we might as well all come to terms with these facts now. The implication here is that God is negligent in allowing Satan’s continued existence.

We seem to keep coming back to this one response, isn’t it reasonable to believe that an infinitely knowledgeable and wise being could have sufficiently morally justifiable reasons to do things that would appear to be morally wrong to finite being like us? This is the theme we return to again and again, and will return to several more times before all of Mr. Simons’ questions are answered for one very important reason, the only thing most of these questions are doing is questioning God’s judgement. Read that last sentence back. I don’t mean to poke fun, but I’m having a hard time not laughing out loud.

Real, militant atheists and agnostics try to make you feel dumb for believing in a God that they believe empirical evidence shows can’t possibly exist. This series of questions we’ve been working our way through, at best, wants to make you feel like the God it assumes exists is just kinda bad at being God. In Mr. Simons’ view God is simply slightly incompetent and possibly a little homicidal. This view based on no more than maybe a hundred verses handpicked, pulled out of context, and reinterpreted with feigned outrage, “Is THIS the God you believe in?!?”

To my dear readers who are believers I just want to say, fear not, this isn’t the best they’ve got, but it is the overwhelming majority of what they’ve got.

To my dear readers who are not believers, you can do better. Can’t you? Use that logic, reason, and empiricism you’re always going on about and give up on outrage and emotionalism, for well or ill, we’ve owned those battlefields for millennia.


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