Do We Really Have The Capacity To Love God? (QCCA #19)

This article is just one in a long series addressing questions posed by agnostic blogger Larry Simons in his article entitled, 31 Questions Christians Can’t Answer. For the rest of series click here. Enjoy!

19. How can a human being believe he has the capacity to love an imponderable, dream-like abstraction such as God more than his own wife and children?

     With all due respect, I can’t answer this question.
     Every question in the series has had at least one false assumption contained within it and this one is no different. I can’t answer a question about “an imponderable, dream-like abstraction” because that’s not who the God of the Bible is. Precisely because there is a Bible to refer to is proof that this God is not imponderable or dream-like. This God is present and active, if unseen. Dreams, on the other hand are seen and felt, but not real, nothing real is produced from them that can be attributed to them. So, if he’s willing to come here Mr. Simons needs to justify his description of God.

     I endeavour to bring and present to you information and arguments beyond taking apart and answering these questions, so how do we answer the question based on an accurate description of God? The question being, “how can a human being believe he has the capacity to love God more than his own wife and children?” It’s not an inconsequential question and neither is the answer.

     In a previous post I described the five main attributes of God that help us understand His behavior most accurately. If God is, as I described, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, righteous, and eternal then it seems logical to believe that He is beyond our comprehension. The problem is this God we’re presented with in the Bible, firstly IS IN THE BIBLE. If no other evidence existed of His condescension to us this would be sufficient to prove that He at least desires to be comprehended. In addition, however, we are also presented with a God who created the universe and engineered it to operate in an orderly manner. He has given us emotions and awareness of them. So many of our question of and about God are brought about by emotional responses to events that happen to us or around us. We have consciousness and language allowing us the ability to reason from the evidences around us to Him and enlist and engage others in reasoning. Finally we have, from the very earliest of times, aligned in communities. These alignments go beyond the herding we see in animals and allows us to see and involve ourselves in the plans of God.
     He is due the highest degree of love of which we are capable simply because He is the one who made us and sustains us. He created a situation that would allow us to have spouses and children to love. How could we not love Him more than everything else? As usual you’re free disbelieve in this God I’ve described, unless He’s real and impacts your life to show you so, belief is not possible. However, if this God is real no other love can reach it’s potential, nor can it be fully expressed without first giving a higher love to Him, the author of love.

What questions do you have that you’ve struggled with or that you think Christians can’t answer? Have an idea for the next series of issues/ questions/ subjects I should address? Comment below and let me know.


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