Getting Ready To Run, a.k.a #TheBestIsYetToCome

    This blog began in January of 2015 as an experiment. Could I write 50 blog posts in one year? Could I maintain interest and be consistent? This is number 50. Only with the help of God above could I have done this while working two jobs and spending enough time with my wife and child that they didn’t forget what I look like.
    With that said, what’s next? Well, I’m going to tell you a little bit. But like I said this was an experiment. If you’re reading this when it comes out you’re either a friend of mine on Facebook, a twitter follower, or (most likely) a fellow WordPress blogger. All I can say is thank you. I went in to this without the intent to promote what I’m doing here and still I’ll end the year with over 2500 views. I’m humbled. But I’m also compelled to go further. This site will continue to be my laboratory. I’m going to try new stuff. As an example, I listen to A LOT of podcasts, so I may do a series of podcast reviews for starters and maybe even my very first book. Either way the plan is more content and more varied content.

    And one more thing, in 2016 the “I” that runs and maintains this blog is going to become a “we” that will become a full-fledged para-church ministry. All I’ll give you now is a name and a vision statement:

I<AM: Insurgent Apologetic Ministries

The Vision:
To be a backstop to the doubting believer, an armorer to the faithful warrior, and a stone in the shoe of the skeptic.

   So if 2015 was all about baby steps for me, in 2016 we are going to run. 2015 was personal (personal site, personal journey, personal insights), 2016 is going to be focused on becoming and being organizational (organizing a team, building a brand, organizing a community). The we is you and me, you read, comment, and share, and I’ll write and build and interact. The we is also going to be a team. A team that will build the Ministry. We haven’t set a start date for the Ministry yet because I’m still building the team but we will be starting in 2016. If I’m being transparent, there’s a lot of fear associated with this. Almost everything about this is things I’ve never done before. I am surrounded by a great wife, an unmatched church family, and the best family and friends. There is no questions in our minds that this is what we were made to do. Our calling. The most important member of the team is you. I’m still going to spend next to no money or time on promoting this site. If you like what I’m doing here and what the vision for the future is show us off to your friends. I guarantee they need to learn to think more clearly.
Next Week, Know Your Apologist
See you Wednesday, January 6, 2016!

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