What Apologetics Is Not…

It’s not a weapon to use against anyone who doesn’t believe that same things you do. It’s not a way to convince people about your favorite doctrine. It’s not a silver bullet that causes people to instantly believe. Listen to many apologists speak about their ministry and you might think apologetics is a strategy or series of strategies to force nonbelievers to admit that God exists. It is not a force to “stop the mouths of the obstreperous” as Calvin put it. At least, I should say it’s not just those things. It is critical that we not confuse the tasks of Apologetics with the purpose of Apologetics.

When we do the tasks of Apologetics with the purpose of Apologetics in mind the fruit of Apologetics will soon follow. When we do the tasks of apologetics without the purpose in mind we give ourselves a reputation of being argumentative Pharisees.

Apologetics is not a strategy, it’s a message that there is more to this life than following blindly. There’s more than religion. There’s more than the political realities that seem to be such an imminent impact on our world. In the end we’re making a case that having something in this universe rather than nothing is the beginning of a chain of eternal significance, and at the other end is Jesus Christ, a cross, and a crown.
This is such a significant ministry, and I’m so afraid that just the word apologetics would scare people off from the message that I wish I could go to each of you individually and your family and friends and put one of my hands on each side of your head and somehow pass the passion I feel for it directly into your brain. The message is one of changes of minds that lead to changes of lives!

Next week…. True Love and The Fall


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