My Statement of Faith

I believe in God, The Father,
I believe in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son,
I believe in the Holy Spirit.
I believe that these three are individual in personhood,
Yet one in essence, a community of the Trinity.
I believe that all three persons of the Trinity were present and actively participated in the creation of the universe.
I believe that humans have access to many of the means of this creation through the processes of science.
I further believe that there is a supernatural realm that exists all around us that science does not have access to.
I believe that God is sovereign and Holy,
I believe He is able to do all possible things, at His will alone,
I believe it is our purpose to serve Him and bring Him glory,
And I believe we can only serve and bring glory through His divine assistance.
I believe that Christ chose to come to this earth as a baby and grow into a man to experience this life and this world as we do, yet He did not fall into sin.
I believe that, after living the life we ought to have lived, He willingly gave himself up to be killed on a cross, the required sacrifice for the sins of all mankind, dying the death we all deserve to die.
I believe that on the third day he arose, and now death has no dominion over Him.
Finally, I believe that all who call upon His name receive this forgiveness and are saved from an eternity in hell.

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