Praying For Our Enemies, A Statement on The Tragic Orlando Shooting

Any loss of life is tragic especially when it is the product of violence, but the catastrophic shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando is devastating to the victims, families, community, and nation. We at are heartbroken over the loss of life. We mourn with the families of those who were so heinously murdered and we pray for the speedy recovery of those who were injured.  

With a few days perspective on the horrendous event and more solid information on the perpetrator coming in we thought it important to offer a sober perspective on the enemy we face as a nation and how we, as thinking Christians, ought to approach this and other attacks. It is all together right that we should, as a nation, pursue and destroy enemies that seek to destroy us. When left with no other good option war is a moral pursuit. This is supported time and time again in scripture. However, as individual Christians and even as a Christian community we ought to at least be reluctant to call for the deaths of our enemies. If our first instinct is to kill our enemies then it is not to make disciples of them. Jesus did not say to make disciples of every nation except those we would call enemies. He commanded us to make disciples of ALL nations (Matthew 28:18-20).

The perpetrator of the Pulse Nightclub shooting reportedly called 911 before the attack to publicly pledge his allegiance to ISIS, and while reports vary on whether or not he was an actual member of a terrorist group or simply a “Lone Wolf” inspired by them the group is at the forefront of the national consciousness once again. Therefore we are calling on our readers to consider the words of Jesus as recorded in Luke 6:27-32, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

This very moment there are missionaries and local converts who have been called by God to reach the people of the Muslim world, including ISIS, and we put forth this pray for ISIS hashtag in hopes of inspiring people of faith to support their efforts. We will not stop praying for Orlando, nor will we stop praying for Paris, or San Bernadino, or any of the other cities where tragic and unimaginable murders have occurred, but we will also pray for the Islamic State militants who inspired or carried out these attacks. We will pray that Jesus invades their lives as they have invaded so many homes and villages. We will pray that he takes their hearts hostage and uses them for His glory. And we will pray that those who are called to reach them will be bold in their pursuits. We ask that you stand with us and share this call to action with your friends and family.

Once again we want to be clear that we are not counselling a policy of non-aggression toward these enemies, quite the contrary. We simply pray that Jesus reaches them and changes their hearts for His purposes before our bombs reach them and remove the possibility.


Thank You.


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