Fearfully Wonderful: An Open Letter to My Son

You asked God, last night in our prayer time, to take away the hate and lies from your mind. The word hate is still echoing in my mind. You’re six. Are there already things you hate about yourself? 

When we talked about it you flicked your little cheek, making it jiggle ever so slightly, and said “this daddy, this isn’t cool”. 

I know I’m biased, but I can’t fathom how you could be anything but confident about who you are. You are just the way God made you to be for this time in your life. You are open and kind in ways that I am not. You have a heart much bigger than mine and you’re the wisest six year old I’ve ever known. Sometimes I think that God put me in this world just to bring you into this world, because there is no doubt you are leaving a lasting impression on your world even now. 

The Lord brought you to himself two years ago now already! You were four and woke up before your mother and I to go in private and give your heart to Him. All of this blows mine and your mother’s minds. We’re grateful to have been blessed with you. 

And yet, Satan has found a way to worm his way into your mind and tell you you’re not good enough. 

I know you and your mom talked a lot about who God says you are and you asked her to write out Psalm 139:14 on your little chalk board, but I want to help you bury the meaning of those words down deep in your heart by telling you what it really means. 

To say that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” is not just saying that God made you as if it was an after thought. You were made by such power that any other being in the universe would rightfully tremble to witness your “becoming” in the mind of God. And you are still becoming what God ultimately has in his heart for you. You have three callings on your life right now, to be kind to others, to listen and learn from mommy and daddy, and to tell people about Jesus. You’re already doing an incredible job at all three for your age. 

The wonder of your life is that you belong to the God who made you by such fearsome power. I am your earthly father and I love with a love I can not understand or contain, but He is your Heavenly Father and He loves you with a love that YOU can not understand or contain! 

You know your calling, you have a Holy Spirit guided path for your life, your love of the Lord is obvious to everyone in your world, you are just exactly what and where God wants you to be at this moment, no matter what moment in your life you’re reading this. 




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