The Life of The Mother

The Illogical Objection Before I begin, I want to answer an objection that will inevitably come. This article is going to touch on several specific aspects of a specific argument for legalized abortion. Because I am a man, meaning that that I affirm the male gender I was “assigned” at birth and have all of […]

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SPECIAL: Better Together

This blog is me, not about me, but me operating within my calling. Without this woman in my life not only would this humble site not be possible, I’m convinced this calling would manifest in radically different ways, if at all. She supports me, challenges me, advises me, and sometimes (like this past week) stands […]

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Paralyzing Fear

My family and I go to a great church (Freedom Church in Acworth, Georgia) and they have a really stellar kids ministry, so one of the things I fear the most has become a relevant issue in my life lately. My four year old son, Camden, has been asking a lot of questions. Questions about […]

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